Meghan from Austria

As I am writing this, I realize that as of tomorrow, I have already been living here in Silla, Spain for one month. Even though it’s true, it feels rather surreal to say these words out loud. Moving abroad- just after having graduated high school and with having no experience of living in a shared flat with a stranger seemed quite hard to get used to, which is why I was the most nervous wreck I had ever been when entering the airport in Vienna. However, this feeling instantly changed when I arrived in Valencia. The sun was so bright, and the weather and atmosphere were so warm that now, my only worry was that I was dressed too wintery.

The next few days before I had to work consisted of long days at the beach and in cafés with my roommate Tale, whom I can now confidently call a stranger-turned-to-friend.
Arriving at TOLA, the center I work at, I was met with many smiles from all their workers and visitors. I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity of working at such a place, where I will not only have fun while working with everyone there, but where I will also learn a lot.

I don’t know what the next months will bring, but I’m excited to begin this new chapter where I most definitely will learn more things about myself, how to adjust with this new way of living, how to cope with and overcome fears and struggles, and last but not least:

how to make the most of my stay here.

Hasta luego,