We all want to get out of our comfort zones now and then, but it’s scary. We choose to stay where we are because we are frightened to take risks, no matter how good the life scenario we would like to have. So what can we do? First, I compile a list of everything I want to do in life, including all of my insane plans. All.. Then I imagine two distinct futures. In both scenarios, I’m ready to die, but in one, I did everything, while in the other, I did nothing. What would the me in the scenario in which I have done everything advise me today? In the second scenario, what regrets would he tell me today?

It’s been 7 months since I came here. When I reflect on these time last year’s, I remember struggling to come to the erasmus project. I had a lot of question marks in my head. When I consider this moment, I realize that I am living my dream. It’s been seven months.

What I’ve learned during this period has been really beneficial to me. I strive to meet as many individuals as possible since it allows me to get a variety of viewpoints. I’m also no longer attempting to please everyone. because I’m aware that no matter what I do, I’ll be judged. That’s how people are. We have a finite amount of energy and time. As a result, I don’t hesitate to get rid of anything that isn’t good for me. When I concentrate on the things that bring me joy and pleasure, my quality of life improves. I read in an article that “it is good to be indifferent to things that do not add anything to our happiness”. Also, there are only 2 months left until the new year. The concept of time is very strange. i can’t catch up it.