Madre mia – Moni

Do you know that feeling, when you’re on a road (in literal or figurative sense) and you’re quite upset because it seems endless and you feel like you’re barely moving but at one point for some reason you look back and realise how far you’ve come? Well this is that “one point” for me and I’m in complete shock.

8 months ago I came here without speaking a single word in Spanish, not having any experience with kids, not knowing anyone around me, neither knowing anything about Puerto de Sagunto nor Valencia. Compared to this it’s almost incredible that since October I have my own craft classes 3 times a week where I speak Spanish – obviously full of mistakes – and kids keep coming back because they enjoy it. I learn so much of them and from them week by week, and have more and more respect towards anyone who works with kids or have kids because it’s beautiful but super hard.

Apart from work I’m so fortunate that I can choose among programmes and people to spend my free time with, travel to new places, have meaningful conversations and big fat laughs. And last but not least I feel so comfortable in Valencia that I can show it to my friends who are visiting almost as confident as a local.

These last couple of weeks were so intense and eventful that if it was a video game it would worth at least 3 levels up.