Starting 2022

This month I went back to Germany to celebrate Christmas, my birthday and New year. I was struggling a long time if I should go or not because going back can be great but even confuse a lot. At the end I spend two awesome weeks in Germany with my friends and family. But as I expected the first days here in Valencia were not easy. Saying goodbye after such a great time was nearly as difficult as in September, even though I like my life in Spain.

The first day I came back to Valencia, I was told that there will change a lot at my work. My youth centre will close for some time so I am going to the other one that is here in Quart de Poblet. I have to get used to new people and children at work, which is always challenging.

The voluntary taught me to be flexible and open all the time, because life changes continuously. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not – I still don’t know what will expect me this month but I am ready to experience it soon.