No goodbye see you soon..

Today is an emotional day where i have to say see you soon.. I started a new story in Spain when I needed it most in my life. 1 year passed both very quickly and in a very meaningful way and I came to the end. A long period of time has passed, and the trip has come to an end. It will always have a special place in my heart. The experiences I’ve learned here are priceless to me. Laughter, crying, endless good memories that I take home from here, time that doesn’t seem to progress…

My project mates, the lovely individuals Spain introduced me to, everyone of you made my adventure unforgettable.. You have no idea how drastically my life and outlook have shifted (for the better).. The days I spent in Valencia working on my project gave me courage for the future.. I spent a year away from home, in a country where I didn’t know anyone, didn’t speak the language, and thought I knew the culture but didn’t..

When I look back at Zeynep from a year ago at the end of the project, I notice that a lot has changed. My perspective on life has improved, and my future plans have altered for the better. I realized how far I could push myself to go outside my comfort zone and broaden my horizons. I gained invaluable experience that money cannot buy. I left everything behind when I moved to Spain a year ago in early March. I believe I set a tremendous example of bravery. Take a look at it this way. You have a job and are a college student at the same time.. And the entire planet is battling an unstoppable pandemic.. And at a time like this, you leave everything and go on a long journey after your dreams. You are stepping into a new life for 1 year.. It seemed impossible and insane to people around me. It’s a goal waiting to be realized for me too.. and it has come true. because life loves the brave.. proud of each of us yes we did it.. Spain and my friends here have been my home and family for me for 1 year. I never say goodbye to Spain it’s not goodbye to my family here see you soon.. Claro que pronto nos veremos donde el mundo nos lleve pero conectados y juntos siempre estaremos!