Visit to Madrid

Right now, I am sitting in a bla bla car on my way back to Valencia. My roommate and I spent four
days in Madrid, a city I fell in love with. There are so many beautiful places in Spain, and I am really
excited to travel more through the country. I am so grateful to be able to experience many new
things and get to know a lot of people, even though they are often only one-time encounters. From
the beginning of my stay, I really felt like at home and truly happy. Of course, I also had and still have
downs, nevertheless especially this month taught me to appreciate every single moment.

Working is fun as they changed the schedule and my tasks got more interesting. Additionally, I spent
a lot of time with my colleagues which are super nice and make work to a comfort space. The rest of
the month I went out a lot and got to know Valencia’s Nightlife better, which I am looking forward to
doing more. All in all, this was a very fun month, which passed way to fast, still, I am pretty sure that
the next one will be even better as it is the month of “The Fallas” (the biggest festive days here)