Looking back to march, there is just one word that comes into my mind: Fallas. It’s a big spring festival here in Valencia and for some people the most important and beautiful time of the year. Everybody, doesn’t matter if you like the fallas or not, is talking about it. It´s starts at the beginning of march with the everyday Mascletà. It is a “firework” at the plaza del ayuntamiento, which is just incredible loud and after that the city is full of smoke because of the firecrackers. At the beginning I did not like it, but I got used to it and now I would say that I really like it:). After the first one I were just asking myself, what the hell are they doing and why? But during the next Mascletàs (I really have seen a lot) I just enjoyed it. In general I stopped asking myself about the sense of some “fallas-things” because a lot of times there is no sense at all :).

As I observed, the society is divided in three parts concerning the fallas. There are the ones that almost live just for the fallas (obviously a bit exaggerated) and then there is the other part that is escaping from Valencia, the crowded streets and tourists. Well, and then there are a lot of people that just like the fallas because of the street party, beer and churros, which I totally understand:). It was so amazing to walk through the streets during the night. Everybody was dancing, drinking and singing – these are days for ´good vibes only´. Even though it was raining all the days and it was cold and windy, the party continued until the morning and everybody was literally dancing in the rain.