Escaping a room in Muro de Alcoy

With the beginning of one of the most important holidays in Spain and with the extended weekend that was ahead of us, we decided to add an interesting activity to the Easter holiday schedule in Agres. – a trip to the escape room in the city Muro de Alcoy which was met with a lot of interest from our eager future escape artists.

On the day of our long awaited activity, we gathered our trusted escape team in the morning and we started the first day of the Easter holidays with a tasty cup of coffee and an even tastier breakfast sandwich in Biscuti’s – one of the lovely coffee shops in Muro. After the much needed caffeine wake up call, we continued on to our exciting destination.

When we arrived in “Escapa’t room”, we were given a brief presentation and explanations of the rules and soon after, we started the game! And what a game it was… A combination of riddles which required general knowledge of different topics proved to us that team work was definitely needed in order to progress through the story. Although I have to admit that it was a little difficult for me because of the language barrier and all of the things being written in Spanish. But, with a little patience on my part, I was able to contribute to solving the given tasks.

After an exiting hour and half, we managed to escape just before the last 40 seconds of our time ran out. Talk about a stressful finish haha.

The cool thing about this escape room was that they adjust the game according to the people that play it. So, before the game started, we were asked to send a picture of ourselves which we later found out were a part of the riddles that we had to solve in the game.

After we made sure to capture the memory of our victorious escape, the person that worked there gave us a little explanation on how to actually create an escape room. Information that I am sure will help us a lot in the creation of our own escape project for Agres, so make sure to follow us and discover the interesting adventures that we are planning in the future!

Happy Easter holidays!

-Marija M.