This years ‘March has truly been a one of a kind experience. That’s because March is one of the -if not the most important month in Valencia, as it is the month of „Las fallas“. It is the celebration of the arrival of spring, which is kind of ironic because here, it never rained so much as it did than this march. Still, this did not hold back the traditions of the local valencian@s- everyone was outside, dancing, looking at the big spectacles of the yearly fireworks, and just overall having a joyful ,chaotic but certainly great time. On the first day, it was raining so hard, but we fought through and still danced for hours outside- we were soaked afterwards. I think this is my favourite day of the fallas because I got to see how everyone was just shaking off the bad weather and truly made the best of it. The other days were passed by more partying and seeing all the many traditions. I saw a lot of the massive sculptures, which I really liked because it gave a feeling of being in a Disney fairytale, the big fireworks and „la mascleta“, which is a daily, massive explosion through fireworks. This part of the fallas I didn’t really understand because it was just noisy and caused a lot of smog. Other than that, I really enjoyed these festive days: they were really chaotic and loud, but I feel like I got an accurate insight of the Spanish way of celebration, and I am very thankful for that opportunity.