As April arrived, I was really excited because I went on vacation for 10 full days. Me and some friends went to two places in Andalucía, where I had never been before and only heard great things about. I was especially excited to go the south this month, as it had basically rained all of march. We were greeted with sunshine and a joyful environment.
This week it was easter or „la Semana Santa “, which especially the south of Spain seems to take very seriously. Every day, there were massive festive walks and everyone was dressed neatly and put together.

Our first destination was Murcia, which is a rather small City compared to Valencia. Even though it doesn ‘t have as many touristic must-see spots, it really had a great and authentic ambiance to it. In the evenings, the streets were filled with young people and good moods. I have the feeling that it’s a great place to study there.

Next on, we went to Málaga, which is obviously a lot more known for its touristic places and its‘ beaches. It‘s a very beautiful place with great nature and hiking spots, even though it felt a lot like a rather arranged vacation spot, as it really is filled with tourists. But that didn ‘t matter to us that much- we still had a great time together. At the end, the company you have is much more important than the destination anyway. I ‘m really happy and thankful that I get to travel to so many places in Spain and be able to learn so much about its‘ very different culture and Traditions. When you put it that way, learning can be very fun sometimes!

Now that I am back in Valencia, I must admit that I was also quite excited to come back to see my friends and to work again.

Overall, now I‘m even more motivated to see more of what this beautiful city has to offer.