Right now I am laying in the sun, waiting for my bla bla car in Granada, to head back to Valencia. I spent 10 days exploring a small part of Andalusía with three friends. Those days were super relaxing as we spent a lot of time at the beach, going swimming, reading, sleeping and just enjoying the sound of the sea. Additionally we did a little hike where we explored Málagas nature. We went to a hugh botanic garden, which was incredible. It is faszinating seeing natures diversity and very interesting to learn a bit about the vegetation there. In the evenings my friends and I went out where we got to know some people as everyone was super open and friendly. The only thing I disliked about Málaga was that it is extremely touristic, which we noticed a lot through the cities nightlife. Still ist was a perfect combination of our picked out destinations as before going to Málaga we spent four days in Murcia, which has a totally different charm. There is not a wide range of activities for tourists still staying in that City feels a lot like normal day to day life. As they have a big university many young people live there, on that account it is a good place to party. By now I already explored many places in Spain and I am more and more falling in love with this Country. I really like the south, especially the peoples mentality and its nature. My next destination are places in the north and I hope I am able to travel there soon.

Now I am back in Valencia and really excited to start working again, meeting my friends and enjoying this beautiful City.