Agres – the best place to ride a bike! (Only if you ask me and no one else…)

With the rainy season finally coming to an end, we can finally go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature of Agres in its fullest. And what better way to immerse one’s self in the lush, heavenly greenery than exploring it with a bike.

Now, many people might say that the almost vertical streets of Agres and its surroundings aren’t the BEST place for this kind of activity. But I most definitely CAN NOT resist! And can you blame me? Sunny days, a warm breeze and the peaceful nature surrounding you wherever you go… Far from being in the best physical shape that I can be, I find myself joining the brave souls that pedal to our little village and try to conquer its mountains. Bit by bit, inch by inch, I push through and when the going gets tough I just visualize my goal – the top of the hill! And when I reach my goal… Ah, there is no better feeling. The feeling that you did this crazy and difficult thing that many would consider equal to torture. But if you ask me, there is no better way to enjoy life than testing your limits and, better yet, surpassing them. I guess that’s just the hyperactive athlete in me talking. But you know what they say: What doesn’t kill you makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with you

My bike has been given to me by an organization called “Velorecicla” and I am happy that in this small village I found people that share my love of mountain biking. By volunteering in their organization, I was shown how much I don’t know about bicycles and I am happy to learn it all with the help of the kids that, compared to me, are basically pros at these things!

On the 8th of May we celebrated the one-year birthday of Velorecicla and, of course, the event was centered around riding our bikes. I loved it! We gathered at one of my favorite places in Agres – the train station, and set out on a mini joy ride outside of Agres. Our first stop was a lovely house with a giant beautiful yard where we had breakfast and some coffee. After our short break, we headed back to our village where we had a beautiful party joined with a tasty paella and cold beer that brought us back to life on that sunny day. I can’t say that I wished for more that day…

I would say that, just by being part of this event, it only made me want to go mountain biking even more! So, here I am in this situation where almost every day I set out into the mountain and go crazy with my bike. Ah, Agres, you have hypnotized me with your nature and your nice weather! I wonder what will the end result of al of this be… Well, I guess that I will find out soon enough!