It’s a new chapter, huh

“So you will leave your cat, friends and us for a few months?” – My father asked me when I told him that the final decision has been made. I was moving from Bulgaria to Puerto de Sagunto to be a volunteer until the end of 2022. It all happened so spontaneously – I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and out of nowhere I saw a post saying ¨Call for volunteers in Spain¨ so I decided to apply and the rest is history. Now I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. With the right people.

What did I have in Bulgaria? Supportive friends, beloved family, lot of contacts, known places to go, job (I worked as a journalist and as a partnerships specialist at the same time), also dog and a cat, my own way of life, car… everything.

What did I have when arrived in Spain, less than a month ago? Me, myself and nothing else. A little scary and liberating at the same time. I could rеstart my life anew, live boundaries free, get to know Spanish culture, food and people, grow, change, take risks… What a time to be alive!

For the short time I’ve been here I managed to meet a few other volunteers and go together to a Language Exchange in Valencia; to help with the organization of a charity book bazaar, I also started Spanish lessons (which in itself is a funny story, because I came in this country with the confidence that I can understand the language very well. And so on until Valencian people started talking…) And I can’t help but mention that I overate with bocadillos and paella several times, *sorry not sorry*.

The best is yet to come. 🙂

¡Hasta luego!