So far, so good

Helloooo! It’s me again – Vasya from Bulgaria
Let me tell you a little bit more for my experience as a volunteer in Puerto de Sagunto.
There is only one word I can use to describe the days gone by – gratefulness. For the understanding and support I find in my colleagues, for the nights that turned into beautiful sunrises, for the opportunity to take more care of myself (yes, I started meditating, but that’s a story I will tell you another time), for the time spent by the beach, simply for everything.
It may be bold of me to say I have already made friends here, but it is true. We socialize, we hang out, we laugh until we cry and the funniest part is that we work together  What more can I ask for? Actually there is one thing… or maybe two – Granizada con helado y Agua “Valenciana”. Yes, I am starting to behave like a typical Spanish girl. I am getting better in talking freely with people around, I start eating tortilla for lunch (and by lunch I mean at 3pm, which is SO UNTYPICAL for me), and I am doing the ‘siesta thing’ at least three times per week.
The most interesting part is that in Casal Jove (the Youth Center) now we are preparing the activities for the summer school which is about to start in the next 10 days and I will contribute with some English exercises for the children. I am veeery excited for it as I haven’t done something like this never before.
As we speak about things that have and haven’t done before – I would love to share with you that two weeks ago I was on “AVE” train (in other words, train running by 300km/h) for the first time from Valencia to Madrid and in return. I went to visit my siblings (they live in Madrid since 2002nd) for a weekend and it was quality family time and really interesting experience all in once. I had the chance to visit some of the most famous places in the city center and I loved it. Here you can see my photo from Park Retiro – Palacio de Cristal. 🙂
See you soon!