Hot summer nights, mid-July

There is a reason why Lana del Rey sings about nights of July.

July truly is my favorite month of the summer… and even of the whole year. The bad thing is that it is already nearing its end. If you know, you know – Escola d’Estiu is a thing and I can’t believe how much experience gave me something so simple like “Summer school”. I learnt for myself that I can make such a good connection with children, especially with those between 8-12 years. For a whole month we talked in English and Spanish, (my Spanish is now at a very good level because of them kids, no joke) we played games, we cooked, we made crocheted bracelets, I met more and more new people and the bottom line is that I added some more good emotions to my Spanish volunteer-fairytale.

On the other side, I had another highlight this month – one of my BEST friends from Bulgaria came here to visit me for 5 days. We spent most of the time in the heart of Valencia exploring the city, I also showed her the typical “Chiringuito” (which means Beach bar) in Puerto de Sagunto, which she loved. I appreciate best-friends-gestures just like this one, to come and see me while I’m living abroad.

Another thing that “happened” to me was the Training course with other volunteers from different countries who are currently living in Spain. Even though it was online, I had such a good conversations with the people I met, I found a lot about Spanish culture, politics, flags… and we (the participants) promised to each other that we will meet. Soon.

Ah, and did I tell you I was at a concert of Marc Anthony in the beginning of July? My colleague and beloved friend Cristina called me randomly with the question “What are you doing this night, because I just received three free tickets for the concert and I am going with my father, get dressed and I am coming to get you…¨And the rest is history. On the other day we went to Jerica, (village 40km from Sagunto) there was a festival with orchestra, typical Spanish food, spices, hand made souvenirs and laughter from the bottom of my heart. How can I not love July?

We will catch up in August, let’s rest now. 🙂