Fun times all around!

Since my project started, we have been organizing many different activities and we have also been helping out with all the other events that were held in Agres (which were a lot…).

At the beginning we had one type of activities, which were more connected with the school, such as school presentations, afterschool sport programs and the comedor – an afterschool program where we hung out with the kids, ate lunch and did all kinds of DIY crafts.

But ever since the summer started, we changed our schedule and our new summer activities began!

And I must say, I am definitely leaning towards the summer way of things!

My top 3 favorite activities would have to be:

  1. Language exchange
  2. Excursions (ok, to clarify, this was happening before the summer as well – gotta keep the record straight ya know…)
  3. Bibliopiscina (Library by the pool)

Language exchange

The title pretty much explains it – we gather a bunch of people, grab a drink and we talk about different subjects.

These events might not be as big as the same ones in Valencia, but non the less, they provide an opportunity for people to connect, get to know each other and practice their English and Spanish language. The interesting thing that I discovered with these events was that in fact, there are a lot of foreign people living in Agres – people from England, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, Scotland and even Taiwan! Combined with us, the volunteers, and the people from Agres, we have a pretty interesting set up and we love to compare and discuss our different life styles while discovering fun facts about our respective countries. Personally, I love meeting new people and learning about new things through conversations, so during these events I was able to have some interesting discussions about traveling, my career, different life experiences and so forth.


Since we basically live in the middle of nowhere, we decided that we would organize 1-day trips a couple times during the month.

Trip to the beach in Gandia

And I love it! So far we went to the Fallas in Valencia, to an escape room in Muro, to the beach in Gandia, and to an Aqua park (I was unable to go on this one :c ). Besides the obvious fact that we are going on an excursion, the other thing I like about these trips is that there is no age limit which means that anyone can join. This way I get to hang out with different people and my introverted self is having a blast every step of the way.

I wonder where will the path take us next month…


This interesting activity was inspired by the main summer attraction in Agres- the local swimming pool.

What is this activity anyway…? Well, it’s a stand where we offer books, magazines, crossword puzzles and different types of games which people can borrow and use while they are at the pool. When we started planning this activity, I was confident that it would be well accepted and I turned out to be right! It is also quite fun from my side as well because right now, my “office” is the best place where you would want to be in this hot, sunny weather in Agres!