August & me as a tour guide in Spain

They say the best things happen in August…

For real, August was month full of meetings with my Bulgarian friends who came to visit me here in Puerto de Sagunto, that I can confirm that I am now becoming a tour guide in the area. I had to show to each of them Valencia, Ciudad de las Arts, Oceanografic, the beaches and sunrises in Puerto… and of course the different places for Tinto de Verano and my favorite place for Ice-cream & crepes.

I had to work in the Youth center only in the first two weeks (I helped organize stuff after the summer school in July, it was not a hard work, nor very interesting, but It was helpful and I am glad we did it)

I even managed to drive (as we rented a car for a couple of days) from Valencia to Barcelona. It was my first time driving in a foreign country and I consider myself as a safe international driver from now on (haha). It was also my first time visiting Barcelona and I loved it, I will definitely go back once again to see Basilica de la Sagrada Familia and eat some croquettes after clubbing until early dawn.

In the end of the month, I went back in Bulgaria to see my friends and family, to sign my diploma in the university (I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism this June) and of course to go to a family trip to recharge my power for the next month. September, I am ready for you!