A one way ticket

A one way ticket. It all started around the end of June 2022. I was back at my hostel in London working again after travelling for two months and everything started seeming monotonous again, even the weather… I started to research where I could travel to next or even move to and there were so many ideas in my head. Me and two other friends sat down together and started looking at opportunities that we could do when one of them told me about this programme that she had finished a couple months prior. That was when everything just made sense. Fell into place. 

I got in contact through the EU solidarity corps and that’s how it all started. Rewinding a bit to a year prior to that, I had just turned 18 and was looking for my first adventure and found myself in a hostel in London for a few nights when the manager offered me a job as a receptionist at that hostel. 2 weeks and catching COVID later… I was surrounded by so many people in a completely new environment; a few weeks before that I remember my friend asking me out of the blue if I would ever move to London and I said NO unless I was rich and crazy but here I was… starting this crazy journey that has become a lifestyle.

(Rewinding back to June 2022)

In less than a month I had packed up my whole life into a suitcase yet again said goodbye to my loco friends and life in London, my family in Bristol and my beloved dog (Biscuit) and was on a flight to Puerto De Sagunto. I was ready to slow my life down, be a part of a bigger cause, share my passion for languages and get the chance to learn Spanish!

Now I’ve been here for over a month and it’s been such an interesting experience so far. I’ve been able to make more time for myself and start meditating during sunrise on the beach, enjoying the weather and the company of the cockroaches! I’m definitely still getting used to that friendship… I’m adapting to the culture here and enjoying the paella. I’m excited to see what is yet to come after August.

Kos- Greece
Me and my friends Erin and Sydney- London
My pup <3
Me and my friend Kieran- Hyde Park