My first month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard


So my name is Leonard, I’m 21 years old and i was born in Romania in the Transylvania part. At 1 year old i went to Greece with my family so from then till now i was living there. Basically i know 4 languages Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, English and NOW my mission is to learn Spanish in 6 MONTHS (wish me luck haha)

My studies are Industrial Design and Production and i have my own NGO with my sister called KINITRO NGO organizing events/seminars and educational programs around the topics of Inclusion/Disability/Mental Health etc.

As a hobby, i like expressing my thoughts on a sheet of paper and generally sketch random things. AND someday, somehow, to launch my own sustainable clothing brand around my sketches.

Soooo a lot of things so far let’s go to my first month in SPAIN(ouuuuuuu🎉).

First Month in Spain

♥ From the first days my friends/colleagues welcomed me with an open heart and that motivated even more to start and continue my new life in Valencia and more specifically in Puerto de Sagunto. First of all i went to see my friend Enrique who had a Wrestling show and it was, well, amazing i would say 😳. Then i went to Casal Jove in Puerto de Sagunto and at my first days till the end of the month we were preparing DIY things for Halloween 👻🎃. Also had activities with kids which i liked a lot!

👨‍💼Additionally, Enrique invited me to talk in a Erasmus+ Forum in from of 200+ students(no pressure hehe) and i got the chance to talk about my experience around the programs i’ve been, my organisation in Greece and why i came in spain for.

✈After a week or so being in Valencia i was offered to go to Poland for a Training Course about Solidarity, and you guessed it, i went of course. A unique experience i would say with awesome people around me including Antonio 🙌🏻. I was also with my colleague Maca who volunteers in Agres so it was nice to meet her there!

🛬After returning to Valencia of course the whole trip thing would come with a price so i caught a cold 🤧, because you know me, getting used of the mediterranean weather i was going outside only with a hoodie and under a T-shirt, so yeahhh.

At the end of the month we had Halloween so I went to the two youth centers that Sagunto and Puerto de Sagunto has and it was a very nice experience and working with the Youth Workers there!

Sooo that’s my first month in Spain, let’s see what this month will look like 😛👌.