My Second Month in SPAIN 🇪🇸 – Leonard

Second Month in Spain, Valencia was mostly about exploring. seeing familiar faces again and Self Reflection. 🧘‍♂️

The first days of November my friends Elli and Sergi came to visit me in Valencia, we had a great time as we already knew each other from Greece. We explored Valencia, we ate traditional food and of course we got drunk 🍻

Then another good friend visited me in Valencia, crazier than me. Christina which i met her also in Greece in a program before coming to Spain. We bonded very well together and we found out our common love for Valencia. That’s why she came to see if it is like they say and from her words i understood that 🤙

We saw the city and we went to drink Agua de Valencia, and yes we got a bit tipsy. 🍷

Then i decided to go see my close friends in Tenerife 🇮🇨 (i also met in Athens back in 2020), we kept touch 2+ years by distance without any difficulties. My close Friends Mauro and Ale showed me the island as we traveled by car mostly.

Me, Mauro, Ale and Elena

One of the good things of Erasmus is that you can find your best friends just like that. They really are like my brothers and i love them ♥ 🙂

Work wise, here in Puerto de Sagunto and Sagunto, we mostly did activities with kids and Language Exchanges with Alicja as they were our standard activities weekly.

And lastly some exploring in the castle of Sagunto