How to publish content in this web

If you are reading this, it means that you are going to publish some information about your Volunteering experience regularly. We would like to hear from you every 2-3 weeks. Thanks a lot!

When you log in the system for the first time, you will do it from an email that you will receive.

1- This is the email title “[Amics – Personal experiences] Login Details” you will receive, then enter and you will be invited to set the password. Remember it for the future!

2- Once you are in the system: Write the post (using a title and write the content). It’s better to add always some photo too (people will like more to see some photos too).

3- BEFORE PUBLISHING: You need to go to the right_side-menu to the section “CATEGORIES”, then choose 3 categories: the one from “2020”, the one with your name and the one “ESC Volunteering”

4- BEFORE PUBLISHING: Also on the right_side-menu, you need to upload a “FEATURED IMAGE”. This will be the image shown on the main website.

5- PUBLISH and share it on your social networks (if you want)

If you have any questions, we can speak about it in the next online meeting… Or send us an email/whatsapp.