2: October – My month alone

My first month in Sagunto was a pretty intense experience. I was the only volunteer in the project at the moment and I couldn’t speak spanish. It never happened to me before to not being able to communicate, because when i did my first Erasmus + experience my english was already decent. It was tought at the beginning, but the necessity of the language made me learn very quickly, also thank to the fact that italian and spanish are not too different, and at the end of october I was able to have basic conversations in spanish without too much effort. During this month I was able to make spanish friends. Everybody was really nice to me, and tried to integrate me in their group. I think it isn’t obvious at all to include in a well established group of friends a foreign person that speak just a few words of your language. I had the possibility to celebrate with them the National day of Spain and to eat the tipical valencian paella.
During the month of October, thank to a very warm weater, I had the possibility to swim in the sea and I took the habit to do it everyday after work. I had always lived in the inland and I had been to the beach just a few time in my life, and having the possibility to swim everyday just felt magical.
At the end of the month I had the training with the other volunteers. We were a group of almost thirty people volunteering in the valencian community. We made a lot of intresting activities and i had the possibility to meet a lot of new people.