Arriving in Spain & First weeks in Spain

Hola! Yo soy Sara! Yo soy de Finlandia. (thats all i know in spanish :D)

I’m a student of youth work, in vocational school. I’m doing a six week long internship with Amics. I have been in Spain, now two weeks.

My first impression of Spain, was that people really don’t speak english very well :’D this is going to be a challenge for me, but i think i’ve been managing quite well.

So i’ve arrived in Alicante Airport on the 18th of February. My flight here was bit problematic, because there was something wrong with the engine of the plane and the plane took off an hour late. So that was great :’D anyways i made it to the airport, and the next challenge was to find my way out and find my driver. Luckily i managed everything, and the next thing i knew i was on my way to town of Agres.

First day was pretty much getting to know the place and to the people as well. I took a part of a group drumming session, which was really fun. Just in a couple days, i had the change to be a part of kids boardgame session, be a guest in a podcast, visit a local school, meet a group of young people intrested about erasmus and a lot of other things.

After my time in Agres, we travelled to Alicante. We stayed in a youth hostel for three days, and planned a Youth Exchange together with Ireland, Greece and Finland. It was really nice, to have someone to speak finnish with 馃檪 They were really fun days, and we even had a some time to do shopping, and see the city. I’m really happy about the plans we made, and i hope that the youth exchange will be success.

Then once again i travelled, but this time the destination was Ouart De Poblet. When i got there, first thing was to go get food for me. It was a mistake to go in a supermarket in Saturday afternoon, the whole supermarket was so full that it was hard to move around. When we finally survived from the supermarket, i had the rest of the day off. So in the evening my roommate asked me to join with her, and we went to see a show in a cafe. I had couple days off, so i had a lot of time to just explore the city and rest.

After my free days, we met up with the team on a co-working place to work to together, and i also had my first Almuerzo ever. I had to change to visit a school and see what it is like to study youth work in Spain. It was really nice, and couple of the students promised to show me places if i want. One of the best things was when, we took the boat and went to clean up the lake.