My volunteering – November

My volunteering in the month of November felt quite overwhelming, mainly because of the new environment and the new language. Before I arrived to Spain I have had few spanish classes but I soon figured out that there’s a big difference between taking spanish lessons in a class an speaking with people.

Regardless of this, I felt a warm welcome at the center where i started to volunteer and was eager to learn more about it, its users and workers!

In the first weeks I was with different groups and different programs to get the sense of the work of the center. My favourite days were fridays because during this time we were out of the center, visiting different cities, visiting museums, theater, or just walking through the city where users showed us where they live and what are they favourite things to do.

I felt much more relaxed about my volunteering because i started to go to the center at the same time as one other volunteer. This made it easier for me, because we were able to talk about our experiences and clear doubts if we had them.