Feelings and thoughts when coming home

My December was shaped by my two weeks stay back in my home, Austria. Coming back to Austria for the Christmas holidays was quite a weird trip. Knowing that you‘re only there for vacation- at your own Home and town- that’s a weird feeling, especially because my stay in Spain is the first time ever moving from my family‘s house. The weirdness aside, the weeks in Spain before Christmas as well as Christmas at home have been really nice.

This year I actually did all the traditional stuff in preparation for the festive days: Blasting Christmas songs all day Long, Christmas shopping, pre-Christmas get togethers’, and overall, just celebrating with your loved ones.

Having been able to see my family and friends was heartwarming. Even though it was hard to say goodbye again, I was also looking forward to being in Spain again, but I definitely needed some days to get used to my life here again. I guess that is how it goes with most of the things in life, that it’s just a matter of getting used to it.