poliValensilla chapter 5

May the force be with you

May was the month of Agres, the inception village in the middle of the breathtaking nature and where I did not even mind to have my on arrival training online, given that I had the opportunity to have my mini walks during the 15 mins breaks.

Introducing my project during the on arrival training

As my main activity, I went to comedor in the afternoons having the adventure/experience of noisy lunches, making braids, doing acrojoga, painting rocks and collecting garbage.
Getting included in the life of the village, I held a session for kindergarten kids with perfect Spanglish and paper puppets portraying butterflies and tulips, assisted sport activities and the biking school for babies and kids, and juggling session for the school kids. We planned and held the weekly English sessions for youngsters and an adult with Elena and Mariola. For making the people of the village more active and connected Amics organises Soup (dinner) and Exchange almuerzo where I was lucky to participate.
The beginning of the month was busy for me with writing the TOT application, I felt supermotivated and quite overwhelmed with the process.
My first adventure in the nature led me to the cava of Agres, enjoying the walk on the edges of the peak, on my pace, choosing my direction, being aligned with myself.

On one of the weekends, there was a wrestling show in Barcelona, and before the event we went to admire the beautiful Sagrada Familia. I really loved the details and the waves of it. In the evening I happened to see my first death match- no more please.

Inside the Sagrada Familia

Unique things that I enjoyed in Agres : “singing” concerts with Elena, cycling excitement coming down on the supersteep streets, mixture rain of water and ice, the view from our living room once with the disappearing world due to fog and/or heavy rains, other times beautiful sunsets in our spacious landscape, being surrounded with the chirping of birds. Lesson of the month: the power of mind, the power of believing, climbing up the mountain, how big setback or boost can the mind give to itself.

Recordar statue with my parents

This month ended with my parents’ visit, that I enjoyed and was lovely to spend time with them again and also gave some emotional challenges to overcome.