Writer’s block – Moni

So the thing is that I am supposed to write a blog in every month to monitor my time here in Spain. It’s a pretty useful concept, because future volunteers can get a glimpse into others’ experiences but it’s good for me as well, because it makes easier to remember the tiny bits and I can see how far I come since day 1.

No surprise that as a journalist I like to verbalize my thoughts and I like to write, especially when things are eventful around me – and this is definitely that kind of situation. So then why I keep postponing touching the keyboard for almost two months now?

After reading some mildly useless articles about the topic I self-diagnosing the reason of my writer’s block and it seems quite obvious: nowadays I prefer living my life instead of writing about it.

The constant changes of my work schedule, the process of “convincing” my colleagues to treat me equal, trying to tame the everlasting ups and downs during the first 6-7 months was emotionally tireing and I just realised how much I enjoy the balance what I have for the last 3-4 months.

Finally it feels like I have an actual workplace with a solid schedule, I know how different are the kids in my groups but I know how to handle them. I know where to find if I need something – wheather it means going to the doctor for a medical check-up, get to know new people through new experiences, or where can I buy my favourite make-up products.

I enjoy the long-awaited stability and routine as much as I can, especially because I know that my volunteer experience is getting to its end, so I have to prepare myself for jumping to the unknown once again.