poliValensilla chapter 6

After arriving back from Madrid, where I watched the lion king – amazing visual, sound effects and puppet work – with Enrique and had a bit of sightseeing, I had my “mountain and me weekend” around Agres, where I felt aligned with the nature and enjoyed my adventures to find my routes in my way.
In Agres, beside everyday comedor, I had an interesting Almuerzo conversation with John and Elena about future role of AI. I got a bit of the insite of another Soup dinner with learning about the idea of elderly sharing their knowledge and skills with younger generations. We also continued the preparation of the youngsters for their upcoming youth exchanges – having fun with Elena during the process.
Since I am a big fan of doing braids and there were people interested in learning, we organised Amics’s first braiding workshop and thanks to the interest the second one as well. The later we planned to have it outside by the open-air theater surrounded by the gorgeous rocks and cliffs and with special extra paper braids for keeping the kids also interested.

Braiding workshop invitation

Spending a day travelling by car to Barcelona and back to see a wrestling show, I learned that 4 year ago I was lucky to go in to the Güal park for free and since that they changed to have entrance fee.
During one of my mountain adventures I was called by the peak of Montcabrer where after arriving I faced a group of goats of the montain, it was a very special moment.

The peak of Moncabrer with the goats

One superfun moment of the month was having our carpool karaoke with Elena and Antonio with it peak point of singing Euphoria way too loud for the awakening people of Quart de Poblet and first of all for our joy.

I had my second on arrival training thanks to my amazing mentor located in Bilbao, with reflective and funny sessions and the sightseeing in the cloudy weather. Notes: the Guggenheim museum is not my ay of having fun, although – I liked the Rising sea composition.

The puppy of Bilbao in front of the Guggenheim Museum

The preparation of the summerschool in Silla started a bit later so I had the opportunity to spend some more days in Agres than planned. Travelling there I had my Renfe special experience that ended up in going from the last station before my destination, from Ontynyent by “taxi” because the train did not work anymore.
I was lucky to experience the schoolyear closing waterparty in Gaianes for the three neighboring schools and see how beautifully, children centred way they celebrate this event.
On my last Wednesday in Agres I went for my last hiking with arriving to my peace at the peak. It was liberating, calming, I felt at home.

At peace on the peak

Returning to Valencia we started to implement our local activities for the Youth in Art project in Quart having our first 3 sessions, which very inpiring and challenging at the same time.
On the last Sunday of June there was the Pressing Quart 4 with being an emotional roller-coaster for me, muy mal. After the show 5 of us went for a night walk by the beach surrounded by thunderstorms in distance – it was lovely to see, and witnessed a cucaracha hunt of Millie too, lovely in a different way. The upcoming day I attenden on my firt eer Pride and I was happy to experience the wellcoming athmosphere of it.

Celebrating our colourful world

On the last week of June I started to go to summer school in Silla, where speaking with the kids was a great opportunity to practice Spanish with no other optional language and with no judgment – probably others don’t judge either, but the kids seemed not to notice that I am not native.
Coming back to Silla gave me the opportunity to participate on wrestling trainings again, where I was facing my mental barriers regarding moves that I did not feel comfortable with. For me these occasions were more about overcoming my inner negative thoughts, it was tough, not always successful.