The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about March is – FALLAS.
„Las Fallas“ is the biggest and kind of most important holiday in Valencia. In those four days all of Valencia parties on the streets, no matter if it is sunny or raining. (We had awful weather.)

Every day for 19 days at 2 p.m there is the „Mascleta“ at the „Plaza del ayuntamiento“. For me seeing that was a crazy experience, yet I am not sure if I mean it in a good or bad way. The tradition is that for about five minutes long they shoot a lot of firecrackers. Therefore its really loud, foggy and you feel the vibration in every part of your body. I liked seeing it, still I think doing it everday is unnessesary as it is very bad for the environment. Of course the fireworks are damaging as well, still they have a bigger added value and are absolutly breath taking. Another tradition is that every „Falla“ creates a skulpture which will then take part in a voting. The one with the highest votation wins and earns a spot in the museum, next to the winners from the last few decades. On the last day of „Las Fallas“ the other skulptures will get burned on the streets, across the whole city. That day is called „Nit de foc“.

For me those four days where super intense as I was partying day and night, yet I also learned a lot about Valencias history.