1: September – Wellcome to Casal Jove

Hi, I am Luca, and I’m volunteering now in Puerto de Sagunto.
Why did I decided to leave? Because I always wanted to try to live abroad, because I’m going to finish university but i don’t know what i want to do with my life, and because after Covid I was feeling a sense of emptiness and i I wanted a big change in my life. I discovered the existence of European Solidarity Corps two years ago during a Youth Exchange in Faenza (Italy) organizad by volunteers. And so last month I applied for the project and I arrived in Spain the first of September. I spent the first three weeks in Silla, where I had the possibility meet the other volunteers, to visit Valencia and to explore the spanish countryside. After three weeks i moved to my final apartment in Puerto de Sagunto. I was the only international volunteer during the first month, and that gave me the possibility to improve my spanish and make friend with my local co-workers.
The big suprise of my first month was Casal Jove. It is a public space decorated with a lot of colours, and inside you can find intresting stuffs like amazing drawing hanged on the wall, board games, libraries of books, comics and manga, a table soccer, music speakers, a Play Station 4, a Switch, games for the youngest one, and everything necessary for drawing or painting. There are several activities for people under 18. There are then different activities they can join, like theatre, cooking, art, reading group, creative writing and many others.
After the first month, i can say I am really glad I joined this project. I am working with kids right now, and even if it is really tough to bound with them using a different language, i’m having a lot of fun and I love my job.