poliValensilla chapter 10

My October started with the emotional challange of the implementation of my mother´s surprise birthday trip to Valencia. She was just not in the condition to say happily yes for the adventure. Thankfully for some conversation and alteration she was arriving on the 7th, on her birthday. The celebration weekend was at the end superlovely with a visit to Altea – with its steep and narrow streets – best way to boost your driver confidence, and than to Alicante – conquering the castle on foot while having a heart to heart converstion and slowly saying bye at the airport.

With my Mom and Enrique in Altea

For the inaguration of the Adult education centre in Silla (CFPE) I was planning to prepare a poppy seed cake. Beforehand I needed to grind the poppy seed, and thankfully I got help from a Moroccan lady. She was ready to invite me to her home while helping me out, so I got to experience her way of living a bit. I was invted for an amazing tea and witnessed a very-very different way of life-style. And the question stuck in my head: how to respect two completely opposite point of view – in this case specificly regarding gender topic religion-based heteronormativity and gender diversity.

Thanks to my dear mentor I had a Tortilla de papatas workshop and I learned the process by preparing my very first tortilla de patata CON cebolla. It was delicious.

Tortilla de patatas con cebolla

Francesco’s arrival happened to be on the same day (11.10.) as the inaguration of the CFPE, so as Silla volunteers Francesco, Ilkcan and me with Charly and Enrique we went and enjoyed our time together and the cake competition´s tasting part.

On the inaguration

In October the Spanish courses started and I was happy to discover the little improvemnets in my speaking.

From 14th untill the 22nd of October I participated on the Gender sensitivite approach in youth work training course In Latvia, in Zvīguļi. On the way there during the bus trip to Barcelona, as an adequate introduction to the topic, I discovered an automatic judgement among my thoughts – regarding to a special smell at a busstop on the way. Thanks to this TC, I believe, I developed as a person, learned and experineced about the topic, furthermore improved my facilitator skills. It was eye-opening to observe the hidden biases in myself and to think about how deeply these believes are planted in myself, in ourself. This TC helped me to realise everyday situations´ unequality and gender-based violance acts and motivated me to step up in these situations to protect the human rights of someone. On the way back I witnessed two parents´ devoted dance at the airplane for their toddler’s sleep. Looking at the soft cloud planket underneath us a thought arrived: that this cover protects the dreams of each and every creation on the Earth, and there are space enough for everyone, everybody has their place.

On one of my discover Valencia walking tour I reached the Botanic garden, but more importantly I did the way following my interest, being aligned with my curiousity. I experienced this freedom during the Tavernes de Valldigna beach discovery as well, which at the end of October seemed like a gost town. I recharged in the solitude.

After monthes of not seeing each other I could go back to meet and spend time with the loving English group, I felt wellcome.

Thanks to my friend, Sylwia´s suppport I started to hold yoga practices and strengthen my instructor skills. I felt pretty alive with it. I would like to improve furthermore in the field.

Before my first yoga class

On the last weekend I went to watch a show in Madrid with its bloody final, it was not called for.

My October finished with a special event in Silla, the “pasacalle” where I helped with distributing sweets among the disguised croud on the main square of the town.

Preparation of the “pasacalle” in Silla