February, a very short month

This month started (approximately) at the city town hall. My roommate and I met the mayor and had a time to discuss our expectations coming in Quart de Poblet and our past experiences. It was nice to see how informal and welcoming this meeting was in comparison with the French institutions. At the youth center, I gave my first English conversation course, but sadly it was also my last since no one came for the other ones 🙁 February also meant the first Quart de Nit event of the year. We found the theme very quickly: Valentin’s day. Thus, the decoration was all red with hearts everywhere. A lot of people came and the activities, such as decorating cups, football, cinema went well. It was a success.

Link to the article about our meeting with the mayor : https://mystory.amics.eu/archivos/1067

Romantic film and pop corn for Quart de Nit

My boyfriend also had the chance to visit me. We decided to take these few days to do a lot. In Valencia, we went to the Oceanographic and to the Museum of Prehistory. Besides, we took a boat at the Albufera to see the sunset and the flamencos. Finally, we spent a day in Puerto de Sagunto and Sagunto, firstly, enjoying the beach, secondly, visiting the castle. This daytrip was wonderful, so I’ll advise to go see these sites.

Sunset at the Albufera Lake
The magnificent Sagunto Castle

Finally, I went back to France for the last week because I had a formation. To be honest, I was not happy to come back and missed Valencia (and its weather). Finally, last month, I had some objectives in mind: meeting non-French people, visiting the Valencian region, discovering food, and sharing my city. I am happy to say that most of them are now complete. I got sick for a few weeks which led me to stop sports, sleep a lot and sadly hindered doing all the activities I wanted… Between my sickness and France, this month went by too quickly.

What are my next steps? Visiting new places in Spain, improving my Spanish routine But, the most important one is discovering and living the Fallas!!!

Just because I like to brag : a Fabada Asturiana I made 😉