• I am officially a 5-year-old again!!
    Not only do I return home most days covered in paint and clay from our summer school activities, I am also remembering what it was like to be such a kid, and the things I loved and enjoyed as a child. I always expressed myself through dance and art and to be able to share
  • On the bright side again – Moni
    “The only constant in life is change.” I hate being the one who uses cheesy, fortune cookie-like quotes (sorry Heraclitus) but this one is on my mind for the last couple of weeks. The last entry was about the unconveniences of trying to find my place in a new setting and although I wanted to
  • Estoy confundida – Moni
    This is probably not what you would expect me to feel when summer is hitting in and I’m doing my volunteership in Spain so close to the beach that i could easily go there even in crab walk. For the record: I am grateful every day that I’m here and I’m part of this experience
  • Erin from United Kingdom
    A fresh start is never easy, especially in the middle of a pandemic. It was the desire to let go of the impacts COVID-19 had on my career path, having graduated last summer, that led me to this decision. After travelling Spain for a few months and staying in hostels and meeting people from different
  • Challenging my guiri self – Moni
    They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and you have to keep going for another 90 days to create a lifestyle. This is my 60th day of being a volunteer in Puerto de Sagunto which means I’m halfway on my journey to really believe and understand that i’m here, i’m not a
  • Moni from Hungary
    The unbearable lightness of buying a one-way ticket If you and I would meet in a crowded room, and I would be forced to introduce myself I would say something like: Hi, my name is Moni, i’m a 30 year-old girl from Budapest (the capital of Hungary), until a couple of months ago I was
  • Megan from Ireland 2019
  • Roberto from Germany 2019
    Activities in Puerto de Sagunto – Casal Jove